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Film Director.

An established screenwriter Tim Sullivan’s credits include, A HANDFUL OF DUST, WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD, JACK AND SARAH and LETTERS TO JULIET. He also directed several episodes of CORONATION STREET and SHERLOCK HOLMES with Jeremy Brett. He has now embarked on a series of crime novels featuring the idiosyncratic Detective Sergeant George Cross set in Bristol in southwest England. His first two books THE DENTIST and THE CYCLIST were downloaded over 200,000 times in the first five months of their publication.


What Readers Say

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    I am insanely in love with George Cross, a perfect detective for our time and for all time. His complexity, orneriness and dogged persistence makes for such a complete and admirable hero... The Patient is a cracking mystery, full of twists and surprises to the end.

    Stephen Fry

    The Patient

      Superb, clever and taut.

      Belfast Telegraph

      The Patient

        Sullivan has given us a British detective for the 21st century who will be hard to forget.

        Daily Mail

        The Patient

          The fact that Cross has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder makes him just as intriguing as the murder mystery.

          The Times

          The Patient

            I loved this book, it was a great follow on to The Cyclist, though could easily be enjoyed as a stand alone novel. George Cross is quickly becoming in of my favourite detectives Really looking forward to book 3!

            Caroline Tiller

            The Cyclist

              George Cross is a detective like no other. He is borderline autistic and cannot relate to other people in the usual way but his record is unsurpassed so allowances are made for him. His working partner DS Josie Ottey often stands between him and their colleagues, a job she didn't want but is developing a soft spot for him nevertheless. This book is every bit as good as the first if not better and I can't wait for book 3.

              Barb Dee

              The Cyclist

                The author is back with my favorite characters. This page-turning story will keep you guessing to the very end, a conclusion that I never saw coming. The relentless rapport between Cross and Ottey and how they conduct their awkward interviewing skills with suspects can be strenuous but at the same time humorous. I am looking forward to reading the third instalment of the DS Cross Mysteries.

                Vivienne Diane Neal

                The Cyclist

                  George Cross is such an incredible and complex character to me. I love the fact that he was not sidelined due to having Asperger's Syndrome, but was able to use it to his advantage. Tim Sullivan did a masterful job of helping us to see through the eyes of someone with Asperger's and see them as a friend and not a threat.

                  John D Connolly

                  The Dentist

                    The character development is amazing. DS Cross is a complete mystery at the beginning and by the end of the book he is familiar and understandable, even though he is very complex. The plot is also really good. It's so very interesting to go through the clues and leads with DS Cross. I will be reading more from this author.

                    Cherie L Osier

                    The Dentist

                      This is a crime mystery with a slightly different detective, slightly comparable to the detective monk, yet better and believable. The characters are well developed, the story has more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel and ensures that the reader flicks through the pages swiftly. An absolutely cracking read , very highly recommended!


                      The Dentist

                        The story was gripping, and the portrait of the detective with Asperger's remarkably engaging. His social awkwardness and unrelenting focus is presented in a way that really emphasises the strengths of his condition. One feels sympathy for him without being sorry for him. I look forward to more George Cross mysteries. The writing is tight and doesn't suffer from the visual-description-over-emphasis that I've encountered and found irritating in novels by other screenwriters.

                        Iona White

                        The Dentist

                          I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was refreshingly different because the lead character was different from any other detective in fiction. Plus, it was good to see someone with a "different" approach succeed. We don't all need to fit the same pattern to be successful.


                          The Dentist

                            What was so great about this book was the unusual character of the detective. I thought for 50 years at the secondary level, and I dealt with quite a few students “on the spectrum” End it is encouraging to see the detective with the same issues work to fit in the world and to succeed be on the worlds expectations. In addition the plot was great and so were the other characters involved. I look forward to another novel revolving around the same primary characters. This is a five star.

                            James G. Leibrecht

                            The Dentist

                              Tim Sullivan has pulled off the ultimate conjuring trick: an absorbing plot with an engaging detective I'd follow to the ends of the earth. Just brilliant!

                              Marion Todd

                              The Monk

                                A clever mystery full of tension but also humour and compassion. George Cross is becoming one of my favourite detectives.

                                Elly Griffiths

                                The Monk

                                  In DS George Cross, Tim Sullivan has created a character who is as endearing as any I've ever come across in this genre. His quirks are his gift, and with Sullivan's tremendous plotting and superb writing, this series is a gift to readers.

                                  Liz Nugent

                                  The Monk

                                    The fact that Cross has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder makes him just as intriguing as the murder mystery.

                                    The Times

                                    The Teacher


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