Harrogate Crime Festival

I had a great weekend recently at the Harrogate Crime Festival. Blimey I had no idea how huge this thing was. There was an enormous tent outside the Old Swan Hotel which was where Agatha Christie famously went missing. There were so many authors there tat I like and admire but I was too shy to approach. Mick Herron, Michael Connelly, Mark Billingham and Ann Cleeves to mention but a few. I did meet the lovely Denise Mina and Elly Griffiths as well as some writers I already knew like Martin Edwards, Rachel Blok, Helen Fields and Vaseem Khan. It was lovely to meet so many people from the crime fiction community, if a little daunting.

Funnily enough I actually have a little bit of history with Harrogate itself. Many moons ago I directed an episode of The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes for Granada TV called The Illustrious Client. The first scene after the cold opening was filmed in Harrogate Turkish Baths. Sherlock and Watson, played by the late great Jeremy Brett and the incomparable Edward Hardwicke, respectively are reclined, having a steam in towelling gowns while they discuss an upcoming case. There’s actually a slight trick in the shot. If you can spot what it is let me know!

The Cross Chronicles

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