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The Politician

Book 4 of 5: A DS Cross Thriller

A smashed window. A ransacked room.
A dead body.
At first glance, it’s a burglary gone wrong.

First impressions of a crime scene are crucial… but they aren’t always correct. When DS George Cross – Bristol Crime Unit’s most eccentric and dogged detective – starts investigating the death of former mayor Peggy Frampton, he’s convinced that what looks like a bungled burglary is in fact a case of pre-meditated murder.

After her political career ended, Peggy became a controversial blogger whose forthright opinions attracted a battalion of online trolls. And then there’s her family: an unfaithful husband and a gambling-addicted son. With yet more enemies in her past, the list of suspects seems unending.

Now Cross must unpick this dark web of seedy connections to find her killer – but the sheer number of suspects is clouding his usually impeccable logic. He’s a relentlessly methodical detective, but no case can last forever: can Cross catch the killer before he runs out of time?


‘I am insanely in love with George Cross, a perfect detective for our time and for all time.’ – Stephen Fry

‘Sullivan has given us a British detective for the 21st century who will be hard to forget.’Daily Mail

‘An intriguing detective… a thought-provoking theme.’  Martin Edwards

‘An absolute cracker.’BookBag

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A body in a countryside hedgerow. A tragic accident or a terrible murder?

Why readers love George Cross . . .

“The fact that Cross has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder makes him just as intriguing as the murder mystery”
The Times

“The plot is meticulously worked out . . . Can’t wait for the next in the series!'”
Reader review

“I find myself really caring about George and his way of thinking.”
Reader review

“It’s good to believe that somewhere there is a Cross pursuing truth against the odds, and winning.” 
Reader review