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Book 6 of 6: A DS Cross Thriller

‘I am insanely in love with George Cross, a perfect detective for our time and for all time.’ Stephen Fry

He’s a victim. But is he innocent?

In a village in South West England, an elderly man is found dead in his home. The angle of his neck says he fell down the stairs. The stab wound on his body tells a different story.

In the weeks before his murder, Alistair Moreton changed. He usually kept himself to himself, but people swear there was someone in the house when they checked on him, that there was a reason he wouldn’t let them inside.

Moreton made people’s lives a misery, from his neighbours to his ex-pupils. While DS George Cross’s list of suspects is long, every victim deserves justice.

But in all of Alistair’s years, there was something important he never learned:

If you go through life making enemies, don’t be surprised when they teach you a lesson.

Perfect for fans of MW Craven, Peter James and Joy Ellis, The Teacher is part of the DS George Cross thriller series, which can be read in any order.

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Why readers love George Cross . . .

‘Tim Sullivan’s wonderfully realised, captivating character, DS George Cross, shot to the top of my favourites when I first encountered him. The Teacher shows him at his best.’ 
MARI HANNAH on The Teacher


‘Starts with a bang and then continues to deliver all the way to the thrilling end . . . A great addition to what is becoming a classic series.’ 
IMRAN MAHMOOD on The Teacher


‘In The Teacher George Cross is in a class of his own. He says all the things you think but never dare speak and suffers fools not at all. We should all be more like George.’ 
SIMON TOYNE on The Teacher


‘George Cross is a superb creation. Naturally a horribly efficient detective, his emotional vulnerability is beautifully crafted by Tim Sullivan.. The latest sharply honed mystery, THE TEACHER, also offers an insightful examination of whether guilt for past deeds has a half-life.’ 
DOM NOLAN, author of Vine Street, on The Teacher

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A body in a countryside hedgerow. A tragic accident or a terrible murder?