My MLitt Degree

I’m doing an MLitt degree at Dundee university which is renowned as one of the foremost forensic institutions in Europe, in CRIME WRITING AND FORENSIC SCIENCE. The forensic side of it has been fascinating and invaluable for me as a crime writer. I now know more about body decomposition, blood spatter, clandestine burials and procedure at murder scenes than I ever imagined. We’re now dissecting crime fiction as a genre starting with short stories by Poe, Conan-Doyle, Hammett and Chandler. This should hopefully be really useful for The Cross Chronicles, the free six-monthly short stories starting in March which you’ll get if you’ve signed up.

Geddes Quadrangle
University of Dundee https://www.dundee.ac.uk/

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A body in a countryside hedgerow. A tragic accident or a terrible murder?