The Patient: Coming March 3rd

The main news I have at the moment is that the third of the DS Cross series The Patient is being published on March 3rd. We’re having a lunch party that week and I’ll report back from that in due course.

DS Cross’ attention is drawn to a woman who has been sitting in the reception of the Major Crime Unit, patiently, for three days. Her daughter is dead. The Coroner has given a verdict of suicide. She had a long history of drug abuse, though she had been clean and sober for over two years. This woman is convinced that her daughter was murdered. By whom she has no idea. She just knows her daughter didn’t kill herself. 

An addict ex-boyfriend who is the father of her daughter, a predatory ex-employer and the therapist she came to rely on before her death populate this young woman’s life. But the question remains –

Suicide? Accidental overdose or murder?

The Cross Chronicles

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A body in a countryside hedgerow. A tragic accident or a terrible murder?